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Behind the Penny Bun

Posted on by John Spillings

Well it’s been a great start to spring, the Bakehouse is very busy and we’ve taken on some new customers thanks to all the great feedback on the website.

Since launching, one of the most common questions I’ve been asked is, “Where did you come up with the name for the Bakehouse?” The answer is simple, I didn’t! It was a good friend of mine Mark O’Shea. Mark and I worked together for a month or so whilst I was helping to open and run a restaurant for Raymond Blanc in conjunction with his TV series ‘The Restaurant’. Mark came into cooking late and has recently been working as a private chef in France. He is a trained interpreter, has a big love for nutrition and has worked in a handful of the UK’s top restaurants. After mentioning to Mark during service one day that I was looking to open a new Bakehouse but was struggling to decide on a name, he later bombarded me with imaginative suggestions and eventually came up with ‘The Penny Bun Bakehouse’. The name combines my love of mushroom foraging, (the penny bun mushroom, more commonly know as the cep mushroom) with the history of the ‘penny bun’, a small bread bun or loaf which cost one old penny. So although I can’t quite afford to sell my bread for one penny today, The Penny Bun Bakehouse was born.
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