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Three months and three great meals

Posted on by John Spillings


There seems to be no end to the British food scene at the moment. Over the past three months we had the pleasure of dining at three great eateries.

Benedicts – Norwich, Purslane – Cheltenham and Paradise Garage – Bethnal Green.



This year saw Richard and Katja Bainbridge open Benedicts Restaurant in Norwich after leaving his post as head chef at Morston Hall. As a great friend of Rich and Katja we helped move and clear the restaurant just after they acquired the lease back in May so it was great to return as diners in September. Rich has got some great cooking experience working alongside some of the greatest chefs in the world (one of those is me!!). Paired with his great personality and sense of humour Rich, Katja and the team really deliver a great meal from start to finish, using great produce in clever imaginative ways without any silly gimmicks. As Rich was my best man and he is one of my best friends maybe i’m biased but Norwich is very lucky to have Benedicts!



In October we dined at Purslane in Cheltenham where Gareth and Helena showcase the best, freshest, sustainably sourced fish from cornwall and shellfish from the west coast of Scotland. Gareth’s flavour combinations are beautifully considered and his presentation is absolutely stunning. Together with a formal yet relaxed atmosphere Purslane has to be one of the best places to eat out in the south west – we can’t wait to come back!!



Most recently (Yesterday) it was great to finally get to see and sample the latest restaurant from Robin Gill, an old colleague of mine from Le Manoir with a great unique style of food. The relaxed yet attentive waiting staff and chefs serving and finishing the food table side was a fantastic experience.

One of the stand out dishes was Yorkshire rabbit for the whole table – boned and stuffed saddle, roasted thigh and leg, offal, rabbit pie, rabbit gravy and jerusalem artichoke piccalilli – just amazing … and let’s not forget their lovely home made sourdough with whiskey butter and whey. A must go to when in london!!!

All these restaurants just prove what great chefs, front of house staff and producers we have in this country!




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